The magic tool for everyday information is here!

Our everyday information consists of precious pieces. We rely on them. Give them the place they deserve.

Join the journey!

Join the private pre-release phase to be the first to get to know Blue Monolith and take part in the creation.

Why should I join the journey?

Because you can actively take part in the creation of the new tool many people will use day by day to manage the information which is important for them.

Your options: Take an active role and work with our team, participate with using the growing tool, and also become part of Blue Monolith.

Why is Blue Monolith so magical?

Blue Monolith works the way you think. Each of us has their very own way of structuring their things. Blue Monolith enables each and every ones way of working with their own information.

Not being forced into a static predefined structure brings a whole new dimension to our personal lives. Using your information will spark joy.

The real magic comes in by combining all information from different parts of your life into one single place. This enables focus and enriches everything with context.

What do you mean with everyday information?

Everyday information are these small pieces which appear in a blink of an eye, at moments you did not think about, and at places you do not know upfront. What these information pieces all have in common: they are important for you personally.

Blue monolith enables you to take these pieces right in these moments and put them to a safe place.

To give you an idea what these everyday information pieces may be, skim through the following examples:

What is the journey all about?

It is all about bringing to life the magic tool for everyday information together.

June 2019. All starts at June 6, 2019 at Fifteen Seconds Festival in Graz. Curious people get their tickets at the expo area and join the journey.

December 2019. First private beta release for all members.

Silvester 2019/2020. It is time to celebrate the things we did together in 2019 and look forward to the amazing thing coming in 2020.

April 2020. Second private beta release for all members.

June 2020. Launch of public beta at Fifteen Seconds Festival 2020 in Graz.